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When PJ Norris describes his transition into what he has dubbed "Blunk", a cross between Blues and Funk, a new genre of music called Gangster Blues emerges. What was once common and expected is now edgy and chill inducing. There's no more dogs in the pickup truck nor love that has gone awry.

Now is what you get and you get it through PJ Norris's unique interpretation.
When he pulled the trigger on his hard core harmonica, I was blown away. He is the real deal and has run the blues circuit around the world for over a decade.

PJ has thrown that cotton picking blues over board and created a new slice called "Gangster Blues". It's relentless, it's called Gangster Blues because it's going to cross that imaginary line breaking the law. It's going to draw blood and that's the bottom line, the truth period. Some bubbles will get busted and some feelings may be hurt, but, PJ don't give a damn about trouble.

Willie Dixon, an icon of old school blues said to PJ "If you can't tell the truth, then you can't be called a bluesman". That's what Gangster Blues is all about, exposing the carpetbagger, those who have sucked the marrow out of the backbone of the blues. This is tough love for you punks. Gangster Blues will spell the end to these wannabee's, old washed up over the hill, cotton picking, chittlin eating, minstrel show, black & white all y'all gonna have tah face the reaper blues. It will be the Gangster Blues death squad and PJ knows where your hiding, you're not safe, you will be exposed. PJ is the product of a unhappy/happy disfunctional community called "da mo" Harlem West (Fillmore). Everybody is playing by the numbers, not PJ, for him there's only one number, number one. PJ is the blues outlaw, bad m.f M.A.N. that yo' mammy and pappy wanted you to avoid and now you just can't resist finding out why? The truth seeker is now the truth teller and PJ Norris is slapping a fresh coat of Gangster Blues to this wall of darkness.


This is Gangster Blues, not buckle my shoes, the world needs new, well this is it's debut, break-through, can't be subdued, that's why I am dishing it to you.

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CD - So Low